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The French and The Benefits of...
24/01/19 | 01:0 | baka komla
The French and The Benefits of Bread


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The French and The Benefits of Bread close

JPsante wanted to share the outcomes of the benefits of bread research done by CSA where the population studied is France citizen. Why so? Even the research outcomes will not be the same in your country but if you ignore the benefits of bread. Go through the outcomes and use the recommendations.


Bread is a favorite food! It is low in fat but provides the complex carbohydrates, plant proteins and fibers essential to the functioning of our body. However, if the French consume it, it is mainly for the pleasure that it provides (fo ... Read all

How to activate women vaginal...
13/12/18 | 07:0 | baka komla
How to activate women vaginal pleasure?


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How to activate women vaginal pleasure? close

Here, I will talk about the female pleasure, and I think it will interest many men who often have difficulty understanding how women function. And too, I would say that women sometimes have trouble understanding how they function themselves.

So how begins the awakening of the vagina, and how is it different from the penis one?
JPsante: The vagina is a hidden place and closed in part by the hymen. So it has no contact with the outside before the first sexual relationship. The vagina of a little girl did not enjoy any sensory experience when first time.It is a virgin.
The penis of a boy, on the contrary, experiencing lots of adventures. Before birth, it is already in contact with the amniotic fluid in the womb. After birth, it is in contact with the bath water, the hand of the person who washes, change her diapers, in contact with his clothes, and of course, the touch of his hand, or to urinate, or just for fun, since it is close at hand!
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Vitamins, when do I take them...
10/12/18 | 09:0 | baka komla
Vitamins, when do I take them during the day?


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Vitamins, when do I take them during the day? close

You probably wonder when to take your vitamins to do well: in the evening we are sometimes afraid of not getting to sleep, but what about the morning? answers you briefly.

There is no ideal time to take vitamins. However some of them (A, D and E) are better absorbed when ingested with fats. For optimal absorption, it is better to take a vitamin supplement in the middle or at the end of a meal including fats. If you are taking a supplement that also contains minerals, you should be aware that fiber-rich foods (whole grain unleavened bread, sprouted soybeans, corn kernels) can inhibit the absorption of zinc. Tea tannins, they, block the assimilation of iron while vitamin C promotes (note however, iron supplements should only concern people whose deficiency has been proven by analysis).
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Giving Blood Make You Age...
06/12/18 | 21:0 | baka komla
Giving Blood Make You Age Faster?


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Giving Blood Make You Age Faster? close

Time to time, I will be publishing some post where I will answer a question from some readers.
Let's start with this question from readers from Canada: Giving blood makes you age faster?

"We cannot know because nobody has ever measured this kind of thing," says Hugo Aguilaniu, CNRS aging specialist.

The reason? The difficulty in conducting such a study.
"If the blood donation had an effect, it would surely be marginal, argues the researcher. Therefore we should have a huge sampling. The observations made cannot be a solid ground to conclude on it. Among mice, it has been shown that organic substances circulating in the blood slow down aging. The predominant but disputed idea is that a molecule called GDF-11 would boost the regeneration of muscle cells, notes Hugo Aguilaniu. Muscle wasting is one of the main consequences of aging (this is what prompted some American companies to offer blood ... Read all

How to Have Perfect Skin?
06/12/18 | 21:0 | baka komla
How to Have Perfect Skin?


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How to Have Perfect Skin? close

The sun, skin aging and heredity are among the main factors that affect the pigmentation of the skin.
By the age of 30, they can cause a disruption of the mechanism of production and distribution of melanin (the pigment that is responsible for the color of the skin). The latter then distribute in the skin irregularly and accumulates on the surface of the epidermis. The direct consequence: skin pigmentation becomes uneven and spots form on the surface.
To prevent the appearance of tasks and find a radiant and unified complexion, it is important to adopt the right actions in everyday life:

Here are some tips to optimize the result of your anti-stain treatment:
1. Protect yourself from UltraViolet (UV).
Sun exposure can contribute to the appearance of spots. It is therefore important to adopt sunscreen throughout the year, even on a cloudy day. It is recommended to use a daily ... Read all

Focus On The Circulatory...
06/12/18 | 21:0 | baka komla
Focus On The Circulatory Comfort


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Focus On The Circulatory Comfort close

It all starts with a feeling of weight in the legs and swelling of the feet.
Possible causes are heat, prolonged standing (trampling) or sitting (at work, during a long flight or by car) or pregnancy ...

This feeling in the lower legs is linked to poor circulation. It happens more to women, it is favored in particular by warm temperatures, heredity, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, and tobacco.
The heavy and flabby legs are troublesome.

This phenomenon is intensified by tingling or swelling, mainly at the ankle level.
The situation is generally more critical at the end of the day and is amplified in the summer.
Do not hesitate to talk to your practitioner.

Before going to your practitioner, let JPsante give some soothing advice…

  • Walking: at least 30 minutes a day and in the water preferably!

  • Your legs will be massaged.

  • Practice a gentl ... Read all

Eczema And Psoriasis: Warning...
08/03/18 | 07:0 | baka komla
Eczema And Psoriasis: Warning Against a Dangerous Chinese Medicine


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Eczema And Psoriasis: Warning Against a Dangerous Chinese Medicine close

The UK government warns against a cream from popular Chinese medicine that many think is natural and use in case of eczema and psoriasis while it contains medicinal components that increase heart risk.

"Natural does not mean without danger". This is the title of the new statement from the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, which warns of a Chinese remedy sold on the internet that is increasingly popular with patients with psoriasis or eczema.

A component that increases the risk of heart failure
After conducting several studies on the composition of this Yiganerjing-based cream, the researchers found that it contained too high a dose of clobetasol propionate, a topical corticosteroid only available on prescription and two antifungals that would increase heart risk. The problem is that with the popularity of this cream more and more people are trying to get it illegally on the web. The UK governme ... Read all

Tuna: The Mercury Reservoir
15/02/18 | 17:0 | baka komla
Tuna: The Mercury Reservoir


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Tuna: The Mercury Reservoir close

The consumption of fish and seafood exposes to high levels of mercury, a metal that is dangerous to health if it is absorbed in high doses. Tuna is one of the fish most implicated in human mercury contamination.

Attention, mercury. The majority of seafood products (fish, crustaceans, shellfish) contain high levels of methylmercury, a neurotoxic molecule that is the main source of mercury contamination in humans. According to researchers in engineering and environmental science at Harvard University (USA), tuna is the fish responsible for most of the methylmercury uptake in the US population. They publish their study in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives

Predatory fish among the most consumed
These researchers estimated the geographical origins of seafood consumed in the United States and the environmental exposure of these areas to methylmercury. According to them, 37% of the exp ... Read all

How Your Coffee Can Make Your ...
05/02/18 | 23:0 | baka komla
How Your Coffee Can Make Your  Belly Big


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How Your Coffee Can Make Your Belly Big close

Perkins researchers in Australia have shown that drinking too much coffee could make the metabolic syndrome worse
No, coffee does not make you lose weight. An Australian study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry shows that a compound present in coffee, known as chlorogenic acid (CGA) could worsen abdominal fatness.

How did they discover the abnormal retention of fat in the cells?
The scientists conducted their experiment on male mice for 12 weeks. They divided the rodents into four distinct groups: a group on a diet, the second group on a normal diet, a third on a high-fat diet, and the last group on a diet high in fat and acid. chlorogenic. The researchers wanted to evaluate the effect of CGA on obesity, glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, fatty acid oxidation and insulin signaling in male mice. The results showed that CGA would affect fat utilization in the liver and cause abnormal fat retention in belly cell ... Read all

Fish (Omega-3): The Most...
30/01/18 | 08:0 | baka komla
Fish (Omega-3): The Most Effective Food To Avoid Breast Cancer


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Fish (Omega-3): The Most Effective Food To Avoid Breast Cancer close

It's time to double the fish consumption. Scientists at the University of Guelph in Canada have found that omega-3s are eight times more effective than omega-3s from vegetables in preventing tumor growth and development.

Reduction of tumor size from 60 to 70%
The study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry compared the anti-cancer efficacy of omega-3 fatty acids from plants and oceans on the development of mammary tumors. There are three types of omega-3, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) that is herbal and found in flax seeds, nuts and in oils such as soy. Also, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) found in fish or algae. Scientists fed in utero mice with a very aggressive form of human breast cancer. Their diet included omega-3 from vegetables or from the marine environment. The results showed that marine omega-3 exposure reduced tumor size by 60-70% and tumors by 30%. To achieve these same results, higher doses of ... Read all

5 Foods That Pump Our Energy
23/01/18 | 23:0 | baka komla
5 Foods That Pump Our Energy


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5 Foods That Pump Our Energy close

There are anti-fatigue foods ... and others, to avoid in case of total fatigue. We detail these enemies of well-being incoming lines.
The immune system, tension at half-mast, repetition of small nights: you are in small form, and you are looking for ways to re-boost your energy meter. These foods are to be avoided for a while if you do not want to exhaust your body.

In case of total fatigue, choose your oil
Temporarily eliminate oils rich in saturated fatty acids (the bad fat, such as rapeseed oil, palm oil or sunflower oil, which raise cholesterol levels in the blood and increase digestion) . Prefer unrefined oils, such as olive oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids that have positive effects on the cardiovascular system.

Intense fatigue? Avoid sweets drinks
The lack of sleep puts the bazaar in the secretion of the regulating hormones of the appetite. Since the bo ... Read all

How to maintain your brain?
21/01/18 | 08:0 | baka komla
How to maintain your brain?


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How to maintain your brain? close

I have regularly heard these phrases in my close circle...I have it on the tip of the tongue it will come back to me ... For 2 days I'm looking for the title of this movie ... I am still looking for my keys. What am I coming to do in this places

Memory "holes" can be mere signs of fatigue, overwork or stress, and everyone has it! However, do not forget the regular memory loss or do not underestimate what your entourage is saying about your ability to memorize. Over the years, our brain can become less efficient. It is then more difficult to learn, memorize and use new information. But the cognitive decline is not necessarily an obligatory passage provided you take care of your brain, coach it, just as you have to do with your whole body.

Memory is the ability to learn something, to memorize it and it is also the ability to remember it (restitution)!
• Short-term memory, or w ... Read all

Sleep 20 Minutes More Would...
18/01/18 | 01:0 | baka komla
Sleep 20 Minutes More Would Help To Maintain Your Diet Longer


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Sleep 20 Minutes More Would Help To Maintain Your Diet Longer close

English researchers have just discovered why some people cannot keep a diet and how to reduce their daily sugar intake without cracking.

There is nothing to do! Despite all your good resolutions to reduce sugar, you cannot resist a little sweetness at the end of the meal? Maybe you just miss sleep. A new study by researchers at King's College (London) reveals that people with a serious debt of sleep to catch up would be able to reduce the equivalent of half a cake a day at the sweet level by sleeping a little more.

A reduction of 10g of sugar a day.
In this study, researchers recorded the number of hours of sleep for 21 volunteers by comparing it to their diet. All participants then received a consultation with private counsel to improve and extend their sleep nights. At the end of the study, 86% of the volunteers would have managed to sleep longer thanks to the advice. Scientists have noticed that people who sleep less th ... Read all

Tips to educate your child to...
15/01/18 | 08:0 | baka komla
Tips to educate your child to follow the rules.


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Tips to educate your child to follow the rules. close

In life, we cannot do everything. There are rules to follow.Here are some tips on how to educate your child and teach him/her to follow the instructions, and obey in first place parental authority or another one.

Educate your child: Not easy to pass parental authority.
It is that the stake is of size. It is neither more nor less to make a little being who will both respect the rules of life in society and flourish.
"We do not civilize a child, we give him frames to help him civilize himself, says psychoanalyst Claude Halmos. Learning the laws of the world is not only with the head but also with the body, the heart, the emotions.
Just as concrete is made of cement, the child is built with the law. She becomes an integral part of him. And note: "We can have children who have learned the rules from the outside without having integrated them internally. In adolescence, these children who were said to b ... Read all

What Is Preconception...
10/01/18 | 22:0 | baka komla
What Is Preconception Consultation And Why Is It so Important Step?


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What Is Preconception Consultation And Why Is It so Important Step? close

Many pregnancy complications can be avoided if the couples have given to preconception consultation an important step. Consult before conceiving a baby may be useful in some cases to ensure that the expected pregnancy is not going to be a problem. Who is this consultation for? Who to consult? Let us find out.

The desire for a child is a personal, intimate wish that belongs to the couple. The project of pregnancy, its hope of realization, are part of the natural events of their life and to consult a doctor on this subject does not appear to them necessary. Pre-conception consultation may, however, be useful for some women who wish to become pregnant; it will be an opportunity to ensure that the expected pregnancy will not be a problem for their health and that of their future baby.

In which medical situations is it reasonable to ask for an opinion and to whom?

• If you have an illness that requires contin ... Read all

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