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JPsante Mission

Provide accuracy health advice and practical tips, save time for a user on health issues search, help the users to be in control of his or her health, and provide excellent experiences.

JPsante Vision

To make our platform the first choice for accurate health information across the world.

JPsante Values

Accuracy, Evidence-based on facts, Respect, Quality information.

JPsante History

JPsante History

Every human effort to advance society has a history. Here it is the JPsante history :
Opened to any kind of practical information especially health information. Putting them into practice has helped me in the first place to maintain my health. This led me to advise people on their health issues. As result, they have seen a tremendous change in their life. And a lot of them told me to have a health magazine to spread my great health tips. So, I decided to do it through a blog.And then JPsante was born. To really continue, JPsante journey your comments, satisfaction, and dissatisfaction will be very helpful.

JPsante Future

Build both Blog and Magazine

You are JPsante great reader so it very important to tell what JPsante will become in the future. JPsante will become one the most accurate health blog. Our successful articles will be converted into online and offline JPsante Magazine. Before arriving, we need to provide daily great content. A great content means a great source of information. JPsante has subscribed to the some paid great source of information which needs to be maintained. Having some books on the JPsante categories, more need to be done. This will compel JPsante to buy more books on the categories. Creating more contents means having more hands. JPsante will need editors. Aside from that JPsante website available has significant costs associated with it. Server hosting, Internet connectivity, and the computers are just a few of the things that require funding.
So to create a means of funding, JPsante will do some advertising on the website. We display no more than three advertisements on a page. We place our ads in locations that are not intrusive and not within our content. We clearly mark all of our advertisements and do not try to deceive you into accidentally clicking on them.
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