Eczema And Psoriasis: Warning Against a Dangerous Chinese Medicine

Eczema And Psoriasis: Warning Against a Dangerous Chinese Medicine

By baka komla | 08/03/2018 | 07:11

The UK government warns against a cream from popular Chinese medicine that many think is natural and use in case of eczema and psoriasis while it contains medicinal components that increase heart risk.

"Natural does not mean without danger". This is the title of the new statement from the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, which warns of a Chinese remedy sold on the internet that is increasingly popular with patients with psoriasis or eczema.

A component that increases the risk of heart failure
After conducting several studies on the composition of this Yiganerjing-based cream, the researchers found that it contained too high a dose of clobetasol propionate, a topical corticosteroid only available on prescription and two antifungals that would increase heart risk. The problem is that with the popularity of this cream more and more people are trying to get it illegally on the web. The UK government says it has done its best to remove the cream from the online sale, but fears that some patients still manage to get it.

"Corticosteroids should only be prescribed by a doctor who follows the patient behind," says the British health authorities in the Dailymail. "They can increase resistance to certain bacteria making skin protection against certain inflammations impossible in the long term especially in children and babies."

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