How to activate women vaginal pleasure?

How to activate women vaginal pleasure?

By baka komla | 13/12/2018 | 07:55

Here, I will talk about the female pleasure, and I think it will interest many men who often have difficulty understanding how women function. And too, I would say that women sometimes have trouble understanding how they function themselves.

So how begins the awakening of the vagina, and how is it different from the penis one?
JPsante: The vagina is a hidden place and closed in part by the hymen. So it has no contact with the outside before the first sexual relationship. The vagina of a little girl did not enjoy any sensory experience when first time.It is a virgin.
The penis of a boy, on the contrary, experiencing lots of adventures. Before birth, it is already in contact with the amniotic fluid in the womb. After birth, it is in contact with the bath water, the hand of the person who washes, change her diapers, in contact with his clothes, and of course, the touch of his hand, or to urinate, or just for fun, since it is close at hand!

These sexual areas do not have the same history in men and in women. What will be the difference in sexual life?
JPsante: It's simple at first intercourse, a young man knows his penis. And his penis went through experiences. For the first time, the girl does not know her vagina. And she will not feel anything. So, the first time the boy will easily have a pleasure and orgasm during penetration and movements back and forth. The girl is often disappointed. She may feel pain during the rupture of the hymen, but not necessarily, and then she often says, "but I do not feel anything! Yet this is what we talk so much! »
And she thinks as she is abnormal. "I should have fun," she thinks ... In reality, 95% of women do not have an orgasm the first time, although there are some lucky!

The first time, she does not feel much, but then what?
JPsante: Then there are several possibilities. Either she thinks she is not normal and often it simulates pleasure. She thinks her partner will be offended or will think she has a problem if she does not show fun. It's annoying because it's not going to be in a real intimacy with each other and move towards pleasure.
Either she said, "Well, I did not feel much this first time, but still, it sounds interesting. This was only the first time, I'll see how it goes next time ... "And in this case, she agreed to from almost nothing. And she's right. Her vagina has no experience, but willing to learn! The vagina has everything to give her the pleasure. It just needs to learn and get experiences.

How does the vagina learn to have the pleasure?
JPsante: It happens in several ways.
• First of all the senses. The woman had better watch what she feels in her vagina. Is it the heat? Pressure? Friction? A tickling? A kind of thrill, itching? And where? On the front, the back, at the bottom, near the entrance? It is from the sensations she observed inside it will get to know and integrate these sensations which encourages them to turn into pleasure. It is as if we had the pleasure cable between sex and brain. So now, to self-observe and enjoy the sensations of pleasure, even minimal.
• Then there is the sexual practice. The variety of movements back and forth is important. That is if the partner is doing its best to help awaken her vagina to pleasure. It could for example - very slow movements sometimes, sometimes fast movements. - Sometimes very superficial movements barely penetrating the vagina, sometimes deep movements - movements that sometimes abut on one side of the vagina to pressure, sometimes gliding movements in the axis of the vagina.
• And then caresses the vagina with fingers eventually. With all these variations, the vagina will eroticize as they say. It will learn to enjoy the fun.

How long does it take for a woman who started her sex life, to get vaginal pleasure?
JPsante: It is very variable and very unfair. For some women, some sex intercourses, pleasure is already present. For others, it will take weeks, months or years. But be aware that even if the fun comes soon enough, there is always more fun to explore! And long term, we know that only about 35% of women have vaginal orgasms, even if others are also feeling pleasure.

And when the pleasure is taking time, there are women who have very little sexual pleasure?
JPsante: Not necessarily, because we are only talking about the vagina. We have the female clitoris, labia minora and the entire vulva that can also be sources of pleasure! We'll talk about another time!

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